What are ear weights used for?

What are ear weights used for? Ear weights are a type of jewelry specifically designed to stretch and adorn stretched earlobes. They are typically worn by individuals who have stretched their earlobes through the process of ear stretching or gauging.

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What are ear weights? Ear weights are typically made of various materials, including metal, stone, wood, or other materials. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from simple cylindrical weights to intricate and decorative pieces. The weights are attached to the stretched earlobe and hang down, creating a decorative and elongated appearance.

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It's important to note that wearing ear weights requires properly stretched earlobes to accommodate the weight and prevent discomfort or damage. Individuals interested in wearing ear weights should consult with a professional piercer or body modification expert to ensure they have achieved a suitable gauge size and to receive guidance on proper usage and care.

Ear weights are often considered a form of body modification and are chosen as a personal style statement or for aesthetic purposes. They can be worn temporarily for special occasions or on a more permanent basis, depending on individual preferences.

I can make almost all designs of my fake gauge tentacle earrings so that they can be worn as ear weights. For example, if you buy 00g (9mm) tentacle gauges to wear as ear weights, then their weight will be approximately 16-18 grams, depending on the design; 7/16 (11mm) tentacle ear weights — 20-22 grams.

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If you want to intentionally make your octopus ear weights heavier, you can contact me before placing an order and I will try to help you.

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