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How to put on octopus tentacle earrings?

Tentacle earrings and more specifically tentacle fake gauge earrings
have two parts, front (with post) and back (with rubber stopper), so
fake tentacle gauges should put on like normal stud earrings. You only
need that your earlobes was pierced.

Real tentacle gauges don't have metal post and rubber stopper and is a
solid piece. Real gauges have an accurate caliber and are ONLY suitable
for stretched earlobes. To put on real tentacle gauges, it is need to
insert them with a narrow part into a stretched hole in an ear lobe and
then slide real ear gauges to a thickest part.

Are tentacle earrings heavy?

Octopus tentacle earrings are very light considering theirs size. The
weight of tentacle earrings directly depends on theirs length. The
average length of octopus earrings that I make is 6 cm with a weight of
about 5 grams. However, in my assortment there are also short tentacle
earrings - 4.5 cm with a weight of about 4.5 grams and very long
tentacle earrings - 8 cm with a weight of up to 8 grams.

I quite often get feedback from my customers where they say that they
wear octopus tentacle earrings all days long and their ears do not
experience any fatigue.

Is the price per piece or per pair?

When you choose "Quantity 1", you will receive one pair of earrings that
is to say one earring for left ear and one earring for right ear. Left
and right earrings are not the same but are flipped horizontally.

I have sensitive ears. What kind of metal do you use for earring posts?

Earring post material which I use to create stud earrings or fake gauge
earrings is nickel free alloy, so you can be sure that earrings I make
do not cause allergies even when worn for a long time.

There are no updates for my parcel, is this normal?

In my experience, after the package leaves the country of departure and before it arrives in the country of destination, about 80-90% of the total delivery time passes. Therefore, you should not devote much attention to this within two weeks from the day the parcel was sent. Next, I recommend checking your tracking at least once every three days. There were cases when the postman did not bring the parcel home but left it at the post office or the recipient was not at home and the postman did not leave any notification about the arrival of the parcel.

If you have not received your parcel and your package has not been updated more than 72 days from the date you placed your order, please contact me.