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Made with Love, Especially for You!

When words are not enough to describe what is in your soul, my selection of unique handmade jewelry can help do the trick. Each design is handcrafted to perfection so that when you buy your dream piece, you know that it will last forever. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or a special someone, you’re sure to find what your heart desires at Tania Chernova.

Hello, dear friend!

My name is Tania Chernova and I make octopus tentacle earrings and tentacle gauges. Each pair of earrings are unique as it is made with love and completely by hand, especially for you. Tentacle earrings are also called fake gauge earrings and are worn like normal stud earrings. True or real gauges do not contain metal posts and are only suitable for stretched earlobes. No one can tell what's in your ears, fake gauges or real ear gauges, so when I first appeared in my fake ear gauges in front of my friends, they were like: - Wow, did you stretch your earlobes? By the way, 98% of my designs are available for order in both versions, as faux gauge earrings and as actual real ear gauges, see the menu on the product page.

I has been working with polymer clay since 2009 so earrings I make are superior quality. I started my business in 2014 with a small shop on Etsy and now I have my own website. So if you were looking for "tania chernova etsy" and got to this site, then everything is fine. At the bottom of the site you will find social media and I will be very happy if you join me. My products are completely hypoallergenic. For stud earrings I use nickel free posts so fake gauge earrings do not cause allergies. For stretched lobes I can make ear plugs in 1g 0g 00g 000g. Over 60 colors are available so you can customize your earrings according to your preferences. You will also find a huge variety of shapes and I am constantly working on expanding the range.

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